ICRI Project: Friction Modelling


Friction Modelling

Friction Modelling

Leaders: Klaus Six, Virtual Vehicle and Edwin Vollebregt, VORtech

Description: Friction in the wheel-rail contact is an important part of this complex tribological system and therefore has a high influence on Vehicle Track Interaction (VTI). To realize high quality VTI predictions (vehicle/traction/braking dynamics, wear, damage, etc.), reliable friction models taking into account the most important tribological phenomena are of high importance.

Status: VORtech received research funding from the US FRA, for the implementation of physics-based sub-models (temperature, local plasticity) into CONTACT. Sheffield University & Virtual Vehicle & LBFoster received research funding of the FRA as well, for developing a model to predict carry down, consumption and related friction of TOR friction modifier products applied by field side application devices.  This effort combines small-scale and full-scale testing with theoretical modeling

Last review: 08MAR18 see Downloads


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