ICRI Workshop on RCF and Wear of Rails and Wheels

ICRI 2019 Workshop in Vancouver

The last ICRI workshop took place prior to the CM 2018 conference in Delft. Thank you to all the participants and presenters!!!

Presentations and wrap up documents for the Delft workshop as well as for the 2017 and 2016 workshops are available in the Downloads section.

We are happy to announce that next workshop will take place in 2019 in Vancouver.

4th Annual ICRI Workshop on RCF and Wear 2019

Location: Vancouver, Canada
Date: July 23-25
Venue: Joseph and Rosalie Segal Centre, Harbour Center, 555 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 4N4
Program: currently under development
Registration Fee: approximately $250 CDN (still being finalized)

If you would like to present your project or project idea at this workshop, please contact icri-rcf@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca.  All presentations should relate to collaborative projects, identify technology gaps/opportunities or propose new efforts that require collaboration to succeed. Although the focus is on rolling contact fatigue and wear, complementary subject areas would be considered.