A community for the international railway industry


International Collaborative Research Initiative

The International Collaborative Research Initiative (ICRI) on Rolling Contact Fatigue (RCF) and Wear of Rails and Wheels is an informal collection of academics, consultants, researchers, and engineers working in, or having significant involvement with, the international railway industry. The ICRI, formed in 2013, brings together roughly 350 people from over 160 organizations in 29 countries to collaborate on topics of mutual interest by leveraging current or future, already funded work.

The ICRI has been likened to a “coffee house” where people meet, share and learn what they can, and participate as much as they can for as long as they are seeing some benefit. Much of the interaction is web-based, but there have also been eight half- to full-day workshops at various locations in the United States and Europe, usually in conjunction with other international meetings or conferences.