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ICRI Webinar: Quantifying friction modifier effects on roughness and corrugation growth (Dec 14th 2021, 07:00 Vancouver, 10:00 New York, 15:00 London)

Presenters: Briony Croft (consultant), Mark Reimer (Advanced Rail Management) and Peeter Vesik (BC Rapid Transit Company)

The Vancouver SkyTrain recently completed a comprehensive investigation of noise mitigation options, with a focus on quantifying the acoustic benefits of reducing rail roughness and corrugation growth rates. This webinar will provide an overview of the noise mitigation study as a whole, in addition to presenting the outcomes of a trial of top of rail friction modifiers for rolling noise control. The trial involved regular measurements of rail roughness, friction and noise in the months after rail grinding in an area with a historical tendency for rapid corrugation growth. Measurements were completed in a baseline (untreated) case and repeated the following year with TORFM (Top of Rail Friction Modifier) applied.

Meeting information is shared via e-mail.

ICRI WORKSHOP in Ottawa, April 26th 2022 – April 28th 2022

The International Collaborative Research Initiative (ICRI) on RCF and Wear is pleased to announce that an ICRI workshop is planned for April 26th to 28th, 2022, in Ottawa, Canada. The workshop aims to bring together researchers, suppliers and
railways for practical discussions on topics having significant cost and safety implications for the railway industry.

The workshop sessions will take place at NRC’s laboratory building at 100 Sussex Dr, Ottawa.

More Information will be available soon in the “ICRI Workshop” section of this homepage.

27th Annual Wheel Rail Interaction Conference. Vancouver, June 2022

Annual conference on wheel-rail interaction topics coming to Vancouver in 2022

For more information: Wheel Rail Seminars

Fifth International Conference on Railway Technology, 22-25 August 2022, Le Corum, Montpellier, France

Originally planned for 2021 this conference got postponed by a year due to COVID-19. More information will be published here upon availability.

International Conference on Contact Mechanics – CM 2022. 04-07 September 2022, Melbourne, Australia

The 12th International Conference on Contact Mechanics and Wear of Rail/Wheel Systems (CM 2022) will be held in Melbourne, Australia from 4-7 September 2022 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. The theme of CM 2022 is Advancing the Science and Practice of the Wheel/Rail Interface to Improve Railway Operation Efficiency

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