ICRI Project: Profile Scoring


Profile Scoring

Profile Scoring

Lead: Ankur Ashtekar, Sentient Science

Description:Developing a methodology to evaluate the performance/suitability of a rail profile for use under a specific set of conditions through profile scoring. This tool would provide scoring that would help determine what is the best profile, from available and new profile templates, given the current state based on performance with respect to wear, RCF, lateral and curving forces, stability and ride quality, noise and corrugation resistance, grinding, and frictional energy. Cost and economic implications would also be considered. The score would be used to rate if the current state is “good enough”, and compare this actual to an expected optimal.

Several parameter working groups have been identified, as listed in Table below. Each group will be responsible for developing a scoring method which would feed into the overall profile scoring.

Group Lead Status
RCF/Wear Kevin Oldknow Team defined
Lateral Stability and Curving Forces/Dynamics Peter Klauser (Vehicle Dynamics) TBD
Corrugations Resistance/Noise Mark Reimer (ARM) TBD
Grinding Charles Rudeen (LORAM) TBD
Frictional Energy Rob Caldwell (NRC) TBD

Please contact Ankur Ashtekar or any Leads directly if you are interested in participating in this project. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, including but not limited to any published literature, please let us know. We appreciate and welcome the wealth of knowledge you all bring to the ICRI initiative.


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