ICRI Project: Safety




Leaders: Eric Magel, NRC Canada and Steve Chrismer, ENSCO

Description: A) Collect and document broken rail/service failure to determine “why was it missed given the current ultrasonic and grinding practices?” and B) Quantify a severity of surface fatigue cracking at which the effectiveness of ultrasonic detection is seriously compromised.


  • Earlier work at Chalmers reviewed the characteristics of transverse defects (see link).
  • A survey was sent asking for photographs and details of rail condition that results in invalid tests.  If you can contribute please use the form here.  A web presentation is planned for February 2019 to review data received to date.
  • A project is being initiated to develop a methodology for quantifying risk and determining the impact of new technologies on risk reduction.  If you have experience to offer this effort please contact eric.magel@nrc.ca


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