ICRI Workshop on RCF and Wear of Rails and Wheels


ICRI 2019 Workshop Technical Tours


Tour 1: BCRTC (Skytrain) Operations and Maintenance Center.

The tour group will depart downtown by 12:45 and ride a revenue Skytrain to Edmonds Station (approx. 30 mins). This will be followed by a 10 minute walk to the maintenance facility. Once there, visitors will receive a 15 minute Skytrain overview followed by a tour of the Operations Center.  Next is a tour of the maintenance facility where it is possible to get a good look at the unique Skytrain vehicles. A short technical discussion may follow afterwards, with the tour wrapping up by 3:30.

Note: a minimum of 6 participants is required for this tour.

Tour 2: LBFoster’s Friction Management Research and Manufacturing Center.

LB Foster Rail Technologies welcomes you to tour its Burnaby facility where they will showcase their Friction Management (FM) technology.  In this tour you will see their industry recognized manufacturing plant where on-board solid lubricant and friction modifier applicators, brackets and solid consumables are designed and produced.  Examples of their global technology that make it easier to obtain and capture FM benefits will also be on display.  Furthermore, you will tour their research laboratory where friction management consumable products are developed and tested.  This includes an introduction to their two twin disc rigs where products undergo wheel-rail simulation testing.  This tour will run from approximately 2:00-3:30.